This cheat is for Spellbreaker version 87-860904.


The global variable G0f tracks sleepiness. It can take the following values:

  • 65535: Wide awake.
  • 0: Beginning to tire.
  • 1: Feeling tired.
  • 2: Getting more and more tired.
  • 3: Worn out.
  • 4: Dead tired.
  • 5: So tired you can barely concentrate.
  • 6: Moving on your last reserves of strength.
  • 7: Practically asleep.
  • 8: Barely able to keep your eyes open.
  • 9: About to keel over from exhaustion.
cheat = freeze:G0f:0


As with Enchanter, Spellbreaker will periodically give status updates which are nonsensical if sleepiness is set to 65535 (e.g. “You are large bird circling the tower and eyeing you suspiciously..”). These appear to be harmless.