These cheats are for Enchanter version 29-860820.


The global variable G40 tracks hunger. It can take the following values:

  • 0: Well fed.
  • 1: A bit hungry.
  • 2: Becoming quite hungry.
  • 3: Very hungry.
  • 4: Fairly starving.
  • 5: Faint from lack of food.
cheat = freeze:G40:0

Alternatively, the bread that you find early in the game can be made perpetually available as follows:

cheat = freeze:0xf68:8


The global variable Ga5 tracks thirst. It can take the following values:

  • 0: Well hydrated.
  • 1: A bit thirsty.
  • 2: Quite thirsty.
  • 3: Very thirsty.
  • 4: Extremely thirsty.
  • 5: Faint from lack of water.
cheat = freeze:Ga5:0

Alternatively, the jug of water that you find early in the game can be made perpetually full as follows:

cheat = freeze:0x1c09:4


The global variable G13 tracks sleepiness. It can take the following values:

  • 65535: Wide awake.
  • 0: Beginning to tire.
  • 1: Feeling tired.
  • 2: Worn out.
  • 3: Wrung out and tired.
  • 4: Getting more and more tired.
  • 5: Dead on your feet.
  • 6: So tired you can barely put one foot in front of another.
  • 7: Practically asleep.
  • 8: Moving only on your last reserves of strength.
  • 9: Barely able to move your arms.
  • 10: Unable to keep your eyes open for more than a few moments at a time.
cheat = freeze:G13:65535


Enchanter periodically reports how hungry and thirsty you are. If you set the global variables indicating that you are fully sated, these periodic status reports will be gibberish (e.g. “cmhgfh iseems gdon’t glk jmqcf” instead of “Your mouth is getting rather dry.”). This is because the “print status” messages assume that the value will never be 0, and appears to be harmless.

Similarly, if sleepiness is set to 65535, the message “You are faint from lack of water and the spells you’ve memorized are becoming confused.” will periodically appear. This is, as above, the game not expecting the value 65535, and should be harmless.